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Torsion Spring Manufacturer & Supplier in India

As the compression spring are made to compress, in the same manner Torsion Spring manufactured by us are made to be twisted. This cylindrical round wire spring can be made out square, flat or rectangular wire and can be any shape or size. Due to its straight legs they can be kept at any free position 90°, 180°, 270° or 360°.

A torsion spring is used when there is a need for rotational torque with an option of single and double type torsion spring. Most probably, these are used in “wind-up” direction as the use in the opposite direction can cause premature failure of the spring.

Torsion Spring Supplier In India

Torsion Springs in India

Double Torsion Springs Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Being a best supplier of Double Torsion Springs, this finds application in Clothespins, Window shades, Counterbalance mechanisms, Ratchets, Hinges and various other machine components. Apart from this, they are also used as couplings between concentric shafts such as in a motor pump assembly.

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Features of Torsion Spring :

  • A torsion spring, on twisting exerts a force in the opposite direction & when released comes back to the original position.
  • These springs are either clockwise or anti-clockwise wound
  • Torsion spring is stressed in bending.
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Torsion Spring Manufacturer in India

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