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Extension Springs

Extension Springs Manufacturer and suppliers in India

Our company is a significant manufacturer of Extension Springs in India. Extension Springs are close-coiled helical springs made to absorb and store energy by designing to resist an axial pulling force and can be extended depending upon their application. These Springs are also known as Tension Springs. Round Wires are used for manufacturer of Extension Spring. These springs have capability to develop more proportionally more load, force or resistance for each unit the spring is extended from free length.

Extension Spring are available to the clients in customized sizes and forms with open hooks, or closed eyes and others. As this spring has hook on both the ends , the length can be adjusted in order to obtain the required load at the extended position. These are generally used in interiors and exteriors, garage door assemblies, automotive industries, Toys and trampolines, electronic parts and switches.

Extension Springs Manufacturer

Extension Spring

Features of Extension Spring :

  • The hooks are adjustable as per the desired length.
  • It is helpful as it keeps us informing about the closely related working parts
  • Available in customized sizes.
Extension Springs Supplier

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Extension Springs in India

Extension Springs Supplier

Extension Springs Exporter

Extension Springs India

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Extension Springs Manufacturer

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