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Diaphragm spring clutch

Diaphragm Spring Clutch Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

We Mahalaxmi Spring Industries are well known manufacturer of a wide range of diaphragm spring clutch, clutch bottom, clutch disc assembly etc. We manufacture these products as per the latest technology and delivers to the customers within the shortest period of time. Diaphragm spring is a vital part of clutch, and they are characterized by more constant, convenient operation and many more. Diaphragm springs as one of the major parts of the clutch generates pressure force of the clutch it besides creates pressure force of the clutch it allows engagement and disengagement of clutch. Diaphragm-spring clutch has comparable construction to that of the multi-loop spring unit; however it utilizes a single dished stomach type spring to apply the clasping push. This spring also fills in as a feature of the delivery instrument.